Life. Oh. Life.

Life is always full of intrigues and surprises. We never know what will happen in the next hour, day or even year. That’s why sometimes we said life is never easy to do. So because of that, as a person, we should ready for everything that will happen in our life. In a minute we can feel so excited and happy with ourselves, but in the next minute, we can be so sad and mad in one blink. As simple as that.
Same like others, as a person, sometimes I feel like many of us. Sure, all of us ever feel so extremely happy and in the next flicker we can be so devastating and sad. But like of many wise men says, “Life is not always firmed and perfect like we want, because the core of life is just following the waves and enjoy the process”. Why we could accept and celebrate the happy thing but couldn’t accept the sad thing? Are we that selfish? Wants feel the happiness but not the sadness?
If we can be fair with ourselves, sometimes we need to feel the sadness and pain then enjoy it, same like when we feel the happiness and joy. Even though, good and bad thing always comes in sudden, but it depends on us how to handle it. Tried to enjoy it or be grumpy all the time. I know I’m not a saint and so does you. But at least, be grateful for what you’ve got and enjoy all the process what “life’s” bestowed to you. Being grumpy is not going to finish the problem, but rather made the situation worse. Than make you sick and the blood pressure being high, why not enjoy all the good and bad things in a good way. At the end, all the experiences that we’ve been through is something that make us be a better person, someday. Feel blessed for everything you’ve had is the only key to make you relieved and satisfied as a whole person.

*Ps: “If you found grammatically wrong, just tell me. I’m so okay with input, because this is my first post in English… and Grammar Nazi is everywhere. So if you found something disturbing in here, just spit it! Thanks”. 🙂